If your jurisdiction currently employs analyst staff, IXP can manage them on site at your department. We can help train your staff in crime reduction methods, assist and supplement monthly reporting and develop strategies based on your specific needs and requirements. We can also recruit, deploy and manage full-time, part-time or project based Analysts for Hire to work with your current team.  If your jurisdiction does not currently employ crime analyst staff, IXP can help get you started.  We can recruit and manage full-time or part-time Analysts for Hire based on your particular needs. 

IXP’s Analysts for Hire advance municipal efforts to counter crime, overdoses, traffic accidents and other incidents that endanger life, property and community safety. Our analysts are expertly recruited and deployed with the skills, tools and training to discover and present actionable evidence and intelligence regarding persons, locations and circumstances of interest from an ever-increasing complexity of data and systems. This work informs investigations, enhances first responder safety and helps diverse jurisdictions further discover, understand, measure and strategically address the patterns, trends and networks that drive public safety outcomes and results.

IXP’s Analysts for Hire are managed and supported by IXP’s Managed Services team according to each jurisdiction’s priorities and requirements.  This enables the immediate cost savings, long term financial predictability and guaranteed levels of performance that IXP delivers to municipalities throughout the country in the handling and dispatching of millions of 911 and 311 calls. By deploying IXP Analysts for Hire in an IXP Public Safety Analysis Center co-located with an IXP 911 Dispatch Center, municipalities can save 20% on their annual staffing and training costs, eliminate long-term pension liabilities and efficiently optimize the real-time flow of otherwise disparate data, information and intelligence into strategic processes and workflows:

  • Casework:  Integrated database, public records, forensic and open source searches; criminal history, network and victim analyses; communication, social media and commodity flow analyses

  • Reports:  Public Safety Incident mapping, forecasting and strategy support; pattern and trend Analyses; districting and re-districting analysis; CompStat, DrugStat