Our Expertise is Solving Complex Emergency Communications Problems Within Your Budget

IXP Corporation solves the toughest challenges in public safety and emergency communications environments. IXP provides a public-private partnership to clients, which is founded on sharing operational and technical risk and responsibility, where we make it our priority to solve the problems for and with you.

IXP provides expertise in four major areas:

  • Governance
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Facilities

These four areas make up IXP’s proprietary SAIF® Methodology. It provides a consistent framework to ensure that every project produces the results our clients want and need to resolve their challenges. Evaluating these areas are crucial for developing a client-specific master plan; whether that be constructing an entirely new emergency communications center or focusing on specific enhancements to existing systems or operations. 

Using one or any combination of our focused areas in Consulting, Technology Services or Managed Services, IXP assesses client needs and presents appropriate options to achieve the client's goals.