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IXP Corporation is a public safety managed services company that is passionate about changing the traditional paradigm by providing 9-1-1 dispatch operations as a managed service in your facility.

For an explanatory video on how these services can support your dispatch operations, please click on the video to the right.

Recent White Papers

IXP’s recent White Paper, “Reversing the Municipal Tipping Point with IXP’s Managed Services” explores six specific public safety problems that are common across many cities and towns across the country.
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IXP has written an industry whitepaper "NG911 & FirstNet - Emergency Communication Centers Provide the Critical Link" on the keys to success for 9-1-1 communications centers .
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The IXP Advantage

Define your vision and design a custom solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Urgent Communications features an in depth article about IXP's video analytics, as well as an interview with IXP President Larry Consalvos

Surveillance cameras have become more common on college campuses and within enterprise facilities, but monitoring the waves of resulting video remains a challenge. By leveraging video analytics that provide real-time alarms designed to identify specific type events, a single person effectively can monitor video from several cameras simultaneously.

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IXP 9-1-1 Dispatch Managed Services

When you call 9-1-1, who picks up? In some places, it’s an emergency communications center operated by people who work for a local government. But in many communities around the country, you will now get a trained employee of IXP Corporation, an emergency communications company that is providing 911 dispatch managed services as a comprehensive solution. We are a public safety solutions company that is passionate about changing the traditional paradigm of 911 dispatch operations.

Communication Center Consolidation - Not a one size fits all proposition

Our approach addresses your unique requirements and is designed to deliver a comprehensive review of consolidation options consisting of cost-effective approaches that maintain high levels of service, financial stability, and workforce efficiency and reliability. IXP works closely with stakeholders to ensure that stakeholders from each agency are given the opportunity to address all Governance, Operations, Technology, and Facility implications.

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