IXP CTO Brittany Avery Handled Officer Injury with Professionalism and Quick Response

Employee Memorandum #1 (CTO Brittany Avery)

On the morning of June 5, 2019 at approximately 07:58:38 hours, CTO Brittany Avery received radio transmission from a citizen stating an officer was hit by a vehicle while directing traffic and was injured. The subject vehicle fled the scene. ChatComm then received the "officer in distress" tone as the citizen pulled the officers emergency cord. CTO Avery was quick to respond notifying the citizen that help was on the way. She diligently notified the on-shift supervisors and started multiple units, as well as fire and EMS for the injured officer. 

ChatComm quickly began receiving additional calls from citizens and they were all handled with professionalism. CTO Avery easily handled multiple officer requests that came in all at once with no delay. Her fellow coworkers went to work assisting her with making additional call backs, contacting other agencies, and providing support in any way possible. Those on shift that day included Dispatcher Denson, Dispatcher Edwards, Dispatcher Manzy, Dispatcher Orr, CTO Parris, and Supervisor Lankford. 
Together they showed amazing teamwork and their standard for professionalism was outstanding. CTO Avery, as well as the entire Day Shift team, are more than deserving of this accommodation.