When you call 9-1-1, who picks up? In some places, it’s an emergency communications center operated by people who work for a local government. But in many communities around the country, you will now get a trained employee of IXP Corporation, an emergency communications company that is providing 911 dispatch managed services as a comprehensive solution.  We are a public safety solutions company that is passionate about changing the traditional paradigm of 911 dispatch operations.

We apply decades of specialized experience in emergency communications to ensure that the Emergency Communication Center policies and operating procedures support your desired standards and performance metrics.  Our centers meet and exceed national accreditation standards, local policies and public expectations.

The true cost of services typically includes indirect costs such as long-term pension and healthcare obligations, human resource management, training, and surge capacity staffing.  When these costs are added into the mix with recurring operational staffing costs, the IXP managed services solution can save municipalities millions of dollars.

IXP attracts, supports and retains the most capable emergency communications personnel.  We administer an exacting selection process with rigorous testing, background checks, drug and physical screenings and comprehensive evaluations of each applicant. IXP offers some of the most advanced training, mentoring and workforce development programs in the industry.  We create an enjoyable work/life balance for our telecommunicators and we offer attractive career advancement opportunities.

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