We provide trained and certified telecommunicators, management and support staff for emergency communications centers. Our services result in long-term financial predictability and improved operational services. We hire locally and staff on-site in your existing center.

Municipalities can save money, time and resources needed to recruit, hire, train and manage essential functions within a dispatch or public safety department. Our flat fee price includes routine overtime, uniforms, recruiting, hiring, training, backfill for time-off, and all other costs associated with staffing an emergency communication center. We typically save municipalities between 15-25% of their dispatch center staffing costs as well as indirect costs such as long-term pension liabilities, human resources, payroll, legal and more.

Our skilled and experienced workforce includes:

  • Communications Center Managers
  • Emergency Communication Center Telecommunicators
  • Emergency Security Operations Center staff
  • Front Window Public Safety Advocates
  • Video Surveillance Operators and Staff
  • Emergency and Medical Transport Services Dispatchers
  • 311 Public Safety Advocates
  • Certified Training Officers
  • Technology Support Staff
  • System Administration Support Staff
  • Graphical Information System Experts
  • Information Technology Managers
  • Evidence and Property Staff

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