As we work with clients to build robust, cost-effective operations, we stay focused on those mission-critical functions that must be executed successfully 24/7. Based on a thorough assessment of current efforts and future needs, we develop:
  • Standard operating procedures that streamline workflow
  • Staffing models that map to workload
  • Training programs based on national best practices
  • Management and QA/QC programs
  • Critical-incident planning
  • A successful road map to meeting performance standards
  • Ongoing feedback mechanisms to ensure high quality levels
Additionally, IXP provides the highest quality and most progressive training programs found in the industry.  To ensure that each telecommunicator has the necessary skills to function at the highest levels, IXP provides ever-increasing levels of training and exposure to the latest technology to take advantage of trending advances in the profession.  Our Communication Training Officers provide training through video, exercises, police ride-a-longs, and re-certification courses. We always consider differing training structures and elements, and routinely modernize our training program to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and human capital optimization.  Our training programs are consistent with accepted practices for emergency communications standards and practices endorsed by NENA, IAED, NCIC, NIMS APCO, NFPA, CALEA and applicable federal, state and local programs, laws and regulations. IXP is the first private sector company to receive CALEA accreditation.

A managed service solution makes sense for many clients to reduce operations costs and challenges. IXP is available to provide a cost analysis to determine how much you might save by transitioning to a privatized model. Please contact us at 609-759-5100 to discuss if this is right for your operations.